SAP HANA for Manufacturing

Be efficient: enhanced data analysis with SAP HANA

Manufacturing Execution - powered by HANA

SAP's HANA in-memory database allows for new manufacturing processes through fast and reliable real-time decision support. Entirely new it-processes significantly raise data relevance und replication speed. An additionally simplified data replication mode makes aggregated data obsolete. If you're looking to meet ever changing requirements for precision, accuracy and relevance of production data - HANA is the right solution to utilize existing data.

Corporations in the manufacturing industry have been accumulating and storing tremendous amounts of production data in the past decades. Start processing big data at an incredible pace and analyze these data in real-time - powered by HANA and SYSTEMA.

Profit from enhanced KPI's, such as reduced cycle times, optimized equipment utilisation and a significantly increased first pass yield. This solution enables you to lower production costs and increase your delivery rates at high level of quality.

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