SAP Business Intelligence

Strategic Alignment, Predictable Performance, and Confident Decisions.  SAP offers a broad portfolio of tools and applications designed to help you optimize business performance by connecting people, information, and businesses across business networks.

Business Intelligence Products

  • Web Intelligence - Self-service Access to Data and Intuitive Information Analysis
    • Better decisions in less time by turning information into actionable insight at the speed of thought - built on our proven, mature business intelligence (BI) platform
    • Powerful, online and offline ad hoc query and reporting and integrated and trusted analysis for all users to improve corporate decision making and to share information with customers, suppliers, and partners 
    • Simply explore information in existing reports – formatting and interacting with data to meet specific needs
  • BusinessObjects Explorer - Explore your business at the speed of thought
    • Intuitive information investigation and exploring places the power of business intelligence into the hands of all your business users without IT involvement 
    • Simply enter a few keywords to search for relevant information and then intuitively exploring large volumes of data – without prior knowledge about what data exists or where to find it.
  • Crystal Reports - Ad hoc query, reporting and analysis
    • Here's a challenge that virtually every organization has faced: the enterprise information you need exists – but it's stored in disparate, inaccessible silos, often in a format that's too cumbersome to be useful. 
    • SAP Crystal solutions deliver powerful capabilities for ad hoc query, reporting, and analysis. So you can gain secure, reliable access to the data you need to make the right decisions. 
  • Crystal Solutions - Dashboards and Visualizations for Better Decisions 
    • SAP Crystal solutions dashboard and visualization software – formerly known as Xcelsius software – illuminates your business by providing consolidated views of key metrics, so you can answer your business questions easily. Interact with your data in more meaningful ways with what-if scenarios and other visual components – and use that data to make informed decisions.
    • Transform complex data into a comprehensive dashboard. Create interactive dashboards from Microsoft Excel or a live data source, and export your dashboard to a familiar format – Microsoft Office, Flash (SWF) files, Adobe PDF, and Adobe AIR.