MoRIS - Business and Administrative Accounting

A modular accounting and information system

MoRIS is a completely modular and open accounting system. It contains all the functions required to efficiently manage a business.

The software can be used both for private and public purposes by organisations and institutions of all kinds and sizes.

The system facilitates the smooth execution of all business management accounting, cost estimating and assessment procedures.


The MoRIS accounting modules are regularly maintained, updated and developed and can be individually assembled to suit specific uses. New functions are being continuously developed in close cooperation with our clients to account for their special requirements and experience in using the modules.MoRIS A modular accounting and information system

  • Financial accounting with a monthly prepayment turnover tax notice
  • Accounts receivable accounting with a reminder system for overdue accounts and the settlement of accounts
  • Accounts Payable department with the settlement of accounts
  • Fixed-asset accounting with a link to general bookkeeping
  • Cost accounting and results accounts with cost allocation accounting
  • Extensive interfaces for import and export

MoRIS can also be used as a single-task or as a Client/Server System application. It has been developed for being used with the Microsoft Windows operating system, and it currently supports the database server Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

MoRIS is now available in the 3.2 version.


The modular MoRIS accounting and information system was developed by order and with the support of the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour and Welfare, Family, Women and Health (StMAS).