Eyelit Intelligence - The Right Information To The Right People, Right Now

Giving managers and executives access to critical intelligence throughout the enterprise and across the global supply chain means the right decisions are made when it counts. It means you know exactly how to improve efficiency and you have that knowledge before little issues turn into profit-draining problems.

eyelit Intelligence™ creates real-time portals into manufacturing and related operations by accessing any relevant enterprise data sources including MES, Quality, Asset Management, Costing - even custom and legacy applications. It tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the health of your business at any level of detail. Whether you need to see yield from a single machine or follow cycle times/OTD across multiple facilities, eyelit Intelligence™ delivers exactly the critical knowledge each user needs for real-time analysis of operations.

Manufacturing Intelligence The Smart Way

An Interface That's Easy to Set Up and Use
Eyelit's hallmark usability extends to eyelit Intelligence™. The intuitive, graphical interface makes accessing reports and data easy - even for the non-technical user.

Comes Ready to Report
eyelit Intelligence™ comes loaded with a huge array of intelligence, information, analysis tools, and pre-programmed reports so that you are ready to access business data right out of the box. The embedded tools for application reporting, online inquiries, and business objects reporting and analysis are available to use, with or without an existing report-writing application.

Customizable Executive Dashboard
Monitoring KPIs is made easy using a single, graphical dashboard screen to view ALL critical business parameters like Utilization, Yield, or Cycle Times. Simple point-and-click tools enable each user to customize the information they want see.

Personalized Dashboard Using IPM Screen
Users can personalize their view of data and the operational client in a matter of seconds without programming.

Analyze and Act Instantly
The Interactive Performance Monitor™ (IPM) feature allows drill-down into related details, and linking of information/screens so that one window is automatically updated as result of any change in another. eyelit Intelligence™ also gives you the ability to react intelligently to events and take actions like sending an alarm or email, or even updating a factory map. All of these features can be used "on the fly" without programming.

Always on the Alert
Subscription messaging means you receive automatic notification of events that are important to you as they occur so each user can be on top of his/her corner of the action.