Eyelit Integration - Extending Efficiency With A Connected Enterprise

To keep up with the speed of today's demand-driven manufacturing world, information needs to be shared flawlessly and fast. eyelit Integration™ provides completely flexible, proven, easy-to-use connectivity between manufacturing and all external services, such as:

  • Enterprise Systems
  • Factory Applications / Tools
  • Custom Applications / Data Warehouses
  • Devices
  • Outsource / Supply Partners' Systems
  • Other Eyelit Products

This means manufacturing-related operations are constantly communicating with each other in real time to create an organization capable of instantly reacting to changing business needs. For instance, when inventory reaches a specified low level, eyelit Integration™ keeps MES integrated with your ERP system to generate a requisition for more materials automatically. Or, as high volumes of product are manufactured, connections between CAPA and MES systems mean that issues get flagged and quality managers are alerted the instant a problem is detected.

Eyelit's advanced technology creates a method of integration that allows virtually anything to connect to the system quickly and easily, greatly reducing the cost and time of integration. Using a service-oriented architecture for integrating heterogeneous business and manufacturing applications/ processes, and a versatile, platform-independent, Java-based framework, means it doesn't matter what you're running on.

eyelit Integration™ can get you connected. With configurable, embedded business logic you can easily customize/personalize your own handlers to deal with your unique business processes - without coding. Plug-in application adapters tie manufacturing systems to the major business applications in just a few hours. eyelit Integration™ is one of the most robust, reliable, and easy-to-implement manufacturing connectivity framework available.