Eyelit Enterprise Coordination - Worldwide Manufacturing In The Palm Of Your Hand

Coordinating between sites and production partners is crucial to meeting the needs of a global, on-demand world.
eyelit Enterprise Coordination™ automatically gets critical production data where it's needed as processing moves from one facility or partner to another. It monitors and instantly resolves production problems across widespread supply chains so that manufacturing continues to run smoothly and efficiently around the globe.

Whether it's movement of goods across production lines through multiple suppliers, or shifting of work in process (WIP) between facilities, eyelit Enterprise Coordination™ automatically packages and transfers detailed WIP info, including history, for seamless manufacturing and continuous visibility. Using borderless alert & event management, eyelit Enterprise Coordination™ continually listens for events, alerts, conditions, or exceptions. It flags problems and automatically coordinates among all production facilities - even outsource partners' systems - to solve problems using available resources. eyelit Enterprise Coordination™ keeps global manufacturing optimized and creates the ultimate, responsive, and extended enterprise.

True Global Visibility And Control

Inter-site WIP Transfer
Automatically send all history/production detail along with partially completed work in process (WIP) as it moves to new facilities. Create seamless history records for WIP no matter where or how many different production sites it moves through.

Plant Model Transfer
Transfer entire or partial plant models between factories for rapid roll out of new products, equipment, or additional facilities with a click of a button.

Subscription Messaging
Enable users to select notification of events that is most important to them, so each can stay on top of his/her own critical issues.