11th innovationsforum for automation successfully concluded

Dresden Fab Automation Cluster successfully conducted 11th innovationsforum for automation

The latest developments and requirements in semiconductor and high-tech fab automation became the center of attention at last week’s „11th innovationsforum for automation“. High-ranking experts from all over the globe came together in Dresden, Germany on behalf of the Dresden Fab Automation Cluster. The event was hosted by semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies.

The Dresden Fab Automation Cluster is a network of the four Dresden-based companies HAP GmbH, Roth & Rau - Ortner GmbH, AIS Automation Dresden GmbH and SYSTEMA GmbH. All of which are premier experts in automation through software and hardware. Recently HAP has been named one of the TOP100 – Innovators and Ortner received much attention when introducing its autonomous robot SCOUT in late 2013.

The German Government-proclaimed “Industry 4.0” is the future of automation. It continues to be a major topic in 2014. Dr. Thomas Kaufmann of Infineon Technologies pointed out the challenges of the digital revolution in manufacturing and automation of high-tech fabs. He also addressed the opportunities and possibilities that arise from this ongoing development bringing the internet of things into manufacturing environments.
As these progressive technologies continue to emerge in semiconductor manufacturing, legacy systems are facing additional constraints. Harald Heinrich and Jörg Zschuppe, both Infineon, explained the audience that advancing demands and requirements call for updated systems and migration to innovative software solutions. Manufacturing management systems of this kind will accompany e.g. the introduction of 450mm wafers. Martin Schellenberger from the Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Systems forecasted the impact of this ground-braking development on 200 and 300mm wafer fabs.

Automation is gradually advancing into new markets and areas. “Embedded Perception as the Key to Automation of Everyday Life“ a presentation by Prof. Darius Burschka of TU München marked yet another development of ongoing automation processes and technologies, e.g. smart sensors and low-resource embedded systems.

Every year the organizers of the “innovationsforum” grant the “Innovations Award for Automation”. This year’s prize winner is Carl Zeiss SMS Jena. Fully automated inspection tools for masks in the semiconductor industry from Carl Zeiss SMS are world-leading, and Carl Zeiss SMS pioneers in EUV-technology.

Kathrin Maletzki, chief organizer of the „11th innovationsforum for automation“ expressed her content with the outcome of the event, “This year we were able to welcome over 200 attendees. This is a great recognition of the work in the Dresden Fab Automation Cluster and shows the increasing demand for innovative automation solutions in semiconductor manufacturing. We’re already planning the next Innovationsforum.”


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